It is our intention at Stone Cre8tions Of Atlanta to continue to develop products that are innovative and products that will stand the test of time. We also believe in continuing to invent more products that are green and Eco friendly. At Stone Cre8tions Of Atlanta we feel it is our responsibility to preserve and protect our environment for generations to come. We will continue to deliver a product that is of the highest quality and one that is always setting new standards of excellence.

Caste In Time

Cre8 Walls is a decorative wall coating made from a mixture of crushed limestone and hydrated lime which is then colored by adding natural pigments to obtain the desired hues of the stone.

The coating is then projected onto the surface and carved by skilled Stone Cre8tions Of Atlanta craftmen into the desired shape and form, such as Devonian sandstone, Scottish potpourri, and many more.

The product can be applied to most types of walls, both old and new, interior and exterior, after preparing the surfaces accordingly. The coating is highly resistant to weather conditions, temperature and to the passing of time.