Product Info

Our artisans have been with Stone Cre8tions Of Atlanta for many years. Each artisan is certified on each one of our custom applications. They hand carve and then color the product with natural pigment while the stone is still wet, to assure permanent coloration.

Stone Cre8tions Of Atlanta

Since our product is made from natural limestone, in addition to the beautiful lasting design results, it has unique characteristics due to the type of limestone we use. These are:

VAPOUR PERMEABILITY – Cre8 Walls is vapour permeable, eliminating the presence of vapour and moisture in the wall and substrate.

ELASTICITY – Cre8 Walls minimizes shrinkage and cracking, and allow minor movements of the substrate.

BREATHABILITY – The permeability of our walls allows them to “breath”, and since moisture is not present in the wall, it has excellent insulating properties.

ECO-FRIENDLY DUE TO Co2 ABSORBTION – Cre8 Walls products are Eco-Friendly. Co2 is reabsorbed during the carbonation of the free lime.

RESISTANCE TO BACTERIA & VEGETATION GROWTH – The limestone in Cre8 Walls has a permanent alkalinity, eliminating moss, mildews and other growth.

RESISTANCE TO SALTS – Marine properties are protected! Salts that exist or penetrate the walls pass through and essentially wash off. The natural limestone of Cre8 Walls is perfect for coastal properties.

SELF-HEALING – Referred to as “autogenously healing”. Cre8 Walls has free lime which continuously reacts to the carbonic acid in the air , healing moderate damage or cracks.

PIGMENT AND COLORS – The carbonation process (absorption of CO2) ensures our pigments are absorbed into the stone and never fade.